Do you know that it matters where you go to church and where you spend your life after death? God has a place for you alone where you can learn and grow in your relationship with him.

Our mission is to help people become fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ.

We believe that church is not just about Sunday service… Church is people, church is missions, church is changing lives and being part of something that really matters.

Our services are inspiring , dynamic, engaging and lot of fun.

Teaching is bible-based and practical.

What’s the result? A place where people at every level of spiritual growth feel at home; both seasoned believers and those just checking out spiritual matters are drawn to God and one another. People are accepted here just the way they are. You won’t find a ‘holier than thou’ attitude here, just people loving people one person at a time.

Christ Church is more than one person or small group of people. We are a bunch of amazing people serving, teaching, greeting, reaching out, sharing, singing, praying and giving each week, all to make this place come alive and for people to experience the true love of God. Where ever you are on your journey in life, there is a place for you here.

We believe Christianity has answers to life’s issues and we believe people might get excited about GOD if someone could explain in everyday English how responding to the good news that Christ proclaims can make a real difference in raising children, marriage, managing money, careers, dating, divorce, sex, ill-health, death, life after death or the million other things people deal with everyday.

At Christ Church International we do this everyday.

We encourage you to visit us as many times as you want and allow the Holy Spirit to show you that Christ Church is the right church for you.

We would love to Welcome you into our church family.

Christ Church International

Christ Church International is a dynamic, vibrant and charismatic community of friendly and caring people, living hopeful and peaceful lives through Jesus Christ. Our environment is family-oriented, multicultural and open to all.

We are an Episcopal Pentecostal Church governed by Bishops, Priests (Pastors) and Deacons supported by numerous gifted and talented believers. Our Church is Pentecostal in character, firmly evangelical in its soteriology and sacramental in theology and practice. We are committed to the holistic preaching and demonstration of God’s plans and purposes for all mankind as revealed in the Holy Scriptures.

Under the apostolic visionary leadership of Bishop James Hansen-Sackey, the founder and Presiding Bishop of our group of churches, God has systematically and progressively used this ministry to continue to impact and change lives and fulfill the destinies of many people in many nations of the world since its founding in June 1998.

By the Grace of God, Christ Church International is gracefully making in-roads and becoming a force to reckon within many areas and we are keen to share some of these opportunities with others.

Our Branch Churches can be located in;

U.K: London & Aylesbury,Buckinghamshire

Ghana: Tema, Kitase, Sakaman & Osu,Accra

Switzerland:Wallisellen, Zurich


We will be glad to have you in any of our services anytime you are in any of these locations.



  • Jesus Christ is the only way to attain a life full of peace, joy, hope and confidence
  • Jesus Christ loves you and wants to guide you to build a purposeful life
  • With Jesus Christ, your destiny is secured including your life after death


AT Christ Church International, WE:


  • Teach, preach, promote and celebrate Jesus Christ
  • Teach timeless  biblical values and principles for building purposeful and meaningful lives
  • Love and care for all people irrespective of background
  • Create an atmosphere and opportunities for liveliness, growth, development and achievement
  • Pray and expect the best to happen for all.
  • Experience Passionate  & vibrant worship
  • We believe Christianity is not a myth or fable but a practical, pragmatic and enjoyable life ordained by God for all mankind to experience His goodness. As such we seek to make our life in Christ a living reality.


It is the commitment of the Christ Church International to provide the opportunities, facilities and tools for the release, development and sharpening of the gifts, talents, skills, ministries and abilities of its members to produce mature, intelligent, principled and spirit controlled Christian individuals who will have the capacity to bring direction to our world.

It is the vision of the Christ Church International to train and unearth talents and equip God’s people to channel such talents to positive use.  It’s our desire to provide “EYES” to our generation in every field of endeavour – spiritual, social, political, and financial realms.  Our purpose is to constantly challenge the world through our life and conduct to live closer to God’s ideal.


We are a member of the Apostolic Pastoral Congress of Great Britain,which is one of the forty “member-denominations” that together make up the membership of England’s national ecumenical instrument, Churches Together in England. The Congress is also a member of Churches Together in Britain and Ireland as well as a member of the Evangelical Alliance of Great Britain. Bishop James Hansen-Sackey, our presiding Bishop,also doubles as the Bishop of the Kent Diocese of the Apostolic Pastoral Congress.

Christ Church International is also committed to Community Engagement. The Church is championing various social action programs through our Charity wing, Life Relief Foundation, as well as working closely with Citizens UK, The Centre for Theology & Community (CTC) and Near Neighbours (NN)-London in this direction.

In Ghana, We are a member of the National Association of Charismatic Christian Churches and the Ghana Pentecostal Council . We are also incorporated as a registered non-profit company with the Registrar General’s Department.

In the USA,We are registered as a Church and Incorporated as a non-profit company by the IRS under the Department of Treasury.

In the United Kingdom, Christ Church International is a registered Charity with the Charities Commission of England & Wales, A registered Company Limited by Guarantee in England & Wales, and registered as a recognized licensed sponsor by the Home Office.


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